Here is what some of our customers have to say about working with GlassComp:

"A new member of the GlassComp Web Alliance recently contacted me regarding our "Testimonials" page. He said he noticed it had no content, and he asked if he could submit his testimonial. Of course we agreed and were thrilled at his willingness to put forth the time and effort to write a testimonial for the GlassComp Web Alliance. His only condition was that he remain anonymous, and we respected this request. The following represents the views of said member and does not necessarily reflect the views of GlassComp, Inc. We greatly appreciate our members' feedback and are excited to post any testimonials as well. If you're still batting around the idea of membership, perhaps this testimonial will assist you in making up your mind. Thank you again to all of our members and to all of you who have taken an interest in the GlassComp Web Alliance! Member Testimonial: I have been in the glass business for 27 years. I have seen it all. During my 27 years, I have made some interesting observations that I think every independent needs to consider if they are planning to stay in the auto glass business. When I found out about Country Companies going to another network, I didn't believe it. Of all the networks I have ever worked with Glasscomp was the best, and not just because of the pricing. I don't know all the details about what happened with the Country Companies glass program, but I do know that when I saw the first job from Lynx come in, the price was hard to believe. I wanted some answers. I called Lynx and was given the run around, not that I expected much different. In my search for answers I called Glasscomp too. After 2 rings a real person answered! She couldn't tell me why the new discount was so high, but she did tell me something interesting. She told me Glasscomp never actually set the price for Country Companies. Apparently Glasscomp helped Country insurance by administering the pricing agreements, but Glasscomp did not set my discount. She explained the agreement was always between my glass shop and Country Insurance. In my area the new discount was 40% different than my previous discount (and not in my favor). I never agreed to this new discount and I'm betting those glass shops whose new discounts were even higher didn't agree to theirs either. Interesting. Not too long after that phone call I received a fax about joining a new program at GlassComp for $50.00 a month. I thought that was a lot of money and for what? What did they have to offer me? I said no way, not in this economy! Then a few weeks or so later they sent me another fax saying they lowered the price to $35.00 a month. I thought that was a much better price but I still didn't see why I needed to join. I waited and I watched, and as I got more information about what exactly it was Glasscomp was trying to accomplish, it finally began to make more sense. I decided to give Glasscomp another call to see if Rich Brummett would really answer my questions like the faxes, emails, and website had promised he would. I was not disappointed. For those of you who have never talked to Rich, you should. He will answer all of your questions and he's not afraid to be straight with you. He explained what the $35.00 membership fee was for and how it would be used. He explained his vision of what a sizeable group of independents could accomplish and how they could change the auto glass industry if they would just open their minds and give it a try. I decided to give it a try and signed up for a month of membership. I did tell him I thought the $35.00 a month fee was probably still too high for most shops though. He had a good response for me. He asked who else out there was trying to help the independents. He also told me to think about how much money I give away every time I do work for any other networks. I had to admit he had a point. None of us can predict the future (If we could we probably would have gotten out of the auto glass business a long time ago) but how long are we going to continue to take this without trying to do anything about it? We've heard all of the excuses from the other networks about pricing and job referrals and steering and so on and so forth and we've seen other organizations start out strong only to leave us hanging. Glasscomp is a company that ran their network the right way for years and years. They are the best and easiest network any of us have ever worked with. Why wouldn't we want to give them what could be one last chance for all of us? I have joined and I think everybody else in this industry should seriously consider joining too. I'm not ready to retire yet and when I do I want my son to take over a business in an industry that is much more friendly to us independents. This is just one man's opinion, but at least now I can say I tried everything to better my business and my industry. "

- Anynomous - Ready for a Change