Frequently Asked Questions

  We’ve had a lot of people ask us the following questions:

1. What is this GlassComp Web Alliance?
2. What is going on at GlassComp?
3. Do I have to join to continue using GlassComp as my EDI provider?
We have put together the following information sheet to address the first 2 questions.  In response to the third question, you DO NOT have to join the GlassComp Web Alliance or pay the $35 per month membership fee to continue to use GlassComp as your EDI provider. 


GlassComp Web Alliance Information Sheet

 Immediate Member Benefits:

  • We can develop a national warranty for vendors throughout the United States; including alaska and Hawaii.  The warranty can be a great selling point for your company.  No longer will any glass company be able to "Stear" jobs to their installation locations by telling the vehicle owners that you do not have a national warranty.  This feature alone is worth the price of admission.  No more feeling like you’re alone, you instantly become a member of a community of others who share your issues and challenges
  • Membership fees are partially or fully tax deductable in most states, check with your accountant to find out the laws in your state
  • Access to the private and secure message boards where you can discuss industry topics with other independent auto glass vendors
  • Membership is exclusive; no more wondering who you’re really talking to, who is reading your posts, and if the information you’re receiving is legitimate
  • Access to the latest news and developments from around the industry in one place
  • Essentially like acquiring GlassComp’s technology, resources, and staff knowledge overnight
  • Ability to communicate via the message boards and email 24/7, 365 without interruption
  • Get to have a say in the website features available in the Member’s Area and other aspects of the GlassComp Web Alliance
  • Listing on the “Find a Shop” feature of the site gives potential customers another way to find you on the internet; being listed on GlassComp’s website will help direct traffic to your site and increase your SEO (search engine optimization)
  • As a member, you can provide GlassComp with a list of the counties you service; we will add all the zip codes in those counties to the map on the Shop Locator feature of the website.  Anytime someone searches for a shop by zip code, your location will be displayed and the visitor will have immediate access to your contact information.  Think of it this way, if you get just one windshield repair customer a month through this feature, your membership has more than paid for itself
  • No obligation to continue membership; other sites make you pay for a year of membership up front before you even know what you’re getting, at GlassComp you can pay month to month and cancel at any time with no penalty

Short Term Goals:

  • To build and strengthen relationships between members of the independent auto glass community
  • To build and strengthen the relationship between GlassComp and the independent auto glass community
  • To build a strong GlassComp Web Alliance membership base
  • To inform all potential and current members about GlassComp and our operations and goals
  • To customize the GlassComp website based on your input, ultimately making it user-friendly, informative, and helpful
  • To promote our EDI processing service and increase the volume of our EDI business

Future/Potential Member Benefits:

  • Have more work directed to your business and have the chance to perform the work at more reasonable rates
  • Access to EDI software programs and EDI processing at significantly lower prices
  • Access to a library of instructional videos for different auto glass installations
  • Gain “buying group” power, i.e. ability to purchase goods and services (such as glass or vehicles) directly from manufacturers with additional discounts and incentives for GlassComp Web Alliance Members

Long Term Goals:

  • To offer another option to the insurance community that will enhance their service to their policyholders
  • To restore the relationship between the insurance industry and the independent auto glass repair and replacement community
  • To negotiate reasonable contracts with the insurance industry
  • To gain access to the insurance glass programs for the independent auto glass community
  • To promote uniform safety standards within the independent auto glass repair and replacement community
  • To give the independent auto glass vendor a say in how a network operates
  • To develop an affordable software program capable of handling EDI
  • To develop an application that would allow any auto glass vendor to process EDI through GlassComp at an extremely low price
  • To help you realize your goals and dreams 


If I have more than one shop?  Do I have to pay a monthly membership fee for each location?
No!  We do not require you to pay for each separate location.  We will provide a listing for your corporate location with a link to your company's website if applicable. The contact information for your corporate location will be listed in any state your locations service in the event a policyholder visits our site to search for an auto glass vendor. We want you to get as much as you possibly can out of your membership with GlassComp. If you are interested in signing up multiple shops, contact us today about setting up a custom membership plan to meet your specific needs.
What does my $35.00 monthly membership fee include?
Your monthly membership fee of $35.00 goes towards many things. For starters, you will get unlimited access to our new website. You will be able to openly communicate with other members of the independent auto glass industry in a private and secure forum. You will have years of auto glass knowledge and experience at your fingertips. We will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments from around the auto glass industry. You will also have a web presence through the GlassComp website giving you an additional avenue to attract potential customers. If you get just one windshield repair job a month, aside from all of the other benefits of being a member, your membership fee has already paid for itself. Additionally, you will have our entire staff working for you every day. We will actively pursue the accounts of both national and regional insurance companies. We will inform them of the many advantages of the Independent auto glass community. Imagine having the opportunity to approach a large insurance company as a part of a national membership of independent auto glass vendors, a membership that far exceeds that of any national chain. Your membership and participation will help make this a reality. The members of our staff will work every day to do the things that you do not have the time or resources to do on your own.  One of the major issues to combat "STEARING" is the ability to offere a NATIONAL WARRANTY.  With your participation, we can develop a national warranty program eliminating the issue of a national warranty.  the ability to offer at
How do I become a member?
 You can begin the membership process today by going to the Sign Up page of our new site and completing the Membership Application and W-9 Form. We ask that you print the completed documents and mail them to GlassComp along with a check for your first month's membership fee. We ask that you make your first payment via check, any future payments can be made online using a debit or credit card if you so choose. Once we have your paperwork and payment for your membership fee we will add your information to our site and issue you a username and temporary password to access the Membership Area.
If GlassComp is my current EDI provider and I join, does my membership fee also cover the cost of my EDI processing Service?
No. You will still receive a monthly statement for your EDI services. As we progress, we plan to offer additional incentives for members. You will be able to learn more about these incentives in the Member Area as the information becomes available.  We will have an ON-LINE EDI form available before June 15, 2011.  This will help to reduce EDI costs even more.  As a member, you can take advantage of the ON-LINE EDI processing.  This will also increase accuracy and speed processing time greatly.
Can I end my membership at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Your membership will remain active through the month for which you are paid, and after said month your member profile and log-in I.D. will be deactivated and your contact information will be removed from the site. Should you decide you would like to reactivate your membership, you may be required to pay a $25.00 reactivation and the standard membership fee.  




Still have questions or concerns? - Please contact us! Call (309) 263-8620 or email us at with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. We want to hear from you!

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