About GlassComp


GlassComp, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 after State Farm Insurance announced they would be testing a pilot auto glass program in Illinois. Rich Brummett, GlassComp's founder and current president, was an auto glass shop owner himself at the time and realized the structure of the pilot program would not permit the vast majority of independent auto glass owners to participate. Several months before State Farm Insurance announced their intentions, Rich had hired a software company to develop a point-of-sale auto glass program for his auto glass company, and little did he know this program would eventually evolve to become a part of the early foundation of GlassComp. Upon learning of State Farm's intentions, a group of independent auto glass providers united behind GlassComp to form an unprecedented independent auto glass alliance. In just a few weeks GlassComp grew to include hundreds of participants.

The pilot program GlassComp developed was very well received, and, with that success, GlassComp continued to evolve. With success came the offers to purchase GlassComp, but each was turned down as GlassComp chose to remain committed to the independents that believed in and united behind GlassComp during those early years.

As the auto glass industry continued to evolve, GlassComp, Inc. found its niche providing electronic data interchange (EDI) services for independent auto glass retailers who did not have their own EDI capabilities. This is a service GlassComp continues to offer today.

As the program with State Farm ran its course and the EDI processing service took off, GlassComp began looking for other sources of revenue. At this time, another major auto insurance provider in the area, Country Financial, was looking for an organized and cost effective way to handle auto glass claims for their policyholders. GlassComp was there to offer a solution. GlassComp administered a pricing agreement, furnished by Country Financial, to independent auto glass vendors across the United States. Auto glass claims were set up through Country Financial and were then sent to GlassComp to be dispatched to the auto glass vendor. Once the repair or replacement was completed, invoices were sent to GlassComp where they were audited and processed for payment. The insurance company then paid GlassComp directly for all EDI processing costs. This relationship continued for 18 years, and the process was, without question, the most efficient, cost effective, and well received program in the industry.


GlassComp provides electronic data interchange (EDI) services to independent auto glass vendors who do not have their own EDI capabilities. We process paper invoices for a transaction fee that is much lower than the one charged for sending paper invoices directly to the other networks. We offer EDI processing for all claims dispatched through LYNX Services, Safelite, and Harmon Solutions.

Recently, we made the decision to begin devoting a larger portion of our resources towards our relationship with the independent auto glass community. We want to examine how we can better serve the independent auto glass community as well as the auto insurance industry. The launch of our new website is just the first step towards our ultimate goal. By giving independent auto glass vendors across the nation the opportunity and the means to communicate with one another in a setting that is private and secure, we will strengthen our relationship with the independent auto glass community and their relationships with one another. We hope to build a solid membership base of independent auto glass companies from across the nation. With that strong membership base, we want to work with both our members and the auto insurance industry to negotiate a program that is beneficial to all the parties involved.

GlassComp is also working to become a complete solution for the needs of any auto insurance company. We have nearly two decades of experience working with auto insurance companies on their auto glass claims. During that time we worked with independent auto glass companies throughout the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our previous program was one of the best in the industry, and we aim to return to that standard as soon as possible by obtaining the ability to take the first notice of loss and administer the claims process from start to finish.

As part of our efforts to become the complete solution for an insurance company, we are also exploring how our services can be beneficial to other segments of the insurance industry such as towing and roadside assistance. If you are an insurance company interested in learning more about GlassComp and the services we offer, please contact us today for more information.


The future holds so many possibilities for GlassComp and for our members. We have dreams and we know you do too. At GlassComp we are always open to any of your suggestions and ideas. With GlassComp you'll have a voice and we want you to use it!

We want to continue to develop and strengthen our relationship with the independent auto glass community, and together, pursue the business of auto insurance companies throughout the nation. One of our first priorities is to obtain the ability to take the first notice of loss and administer the insurance claims process from beginning to end. Research shows insurance companies find this to be a very attractive quality when choosing a network.

We know that nobody can better serve the auto insurance companies and their policyholders than GlassComp and the independent auto glass vendors. The independent auto glass community is special in that they have a vested interest in the industry and in the work they perform. They take great pride in servicing the customer and doing quality work. It is the ideal combination for keeping policyholders satisfied.

As many of our members offer services outside of auto glass repair and replacement, we hope to eventually do the same. We are open to any ideas and inquiries from other industries which think they could benefit from the unique services GlassComp has to offer. Regardless of what the future holds, we will continue to work tirelessly to serve our members now and for the years to come!